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Flourishing, like most states of being, is a decision you typically make on a moment-to-moment basis every day.  Setting aside the serious issues of neurodegenerative and mental health diseases, you are free to choose the nature of your relationship with yourself and others.  To assign your happiness and fulfillment to circumstances and people outside of yourself is to give up control of your life.  But like most “states of being,” happiness, fulfillment and flourishing are skill sets that can be learned and practiced.  Unfortunately, you were probably not taught this along with math and English in school.  Most of these behaviors were unconsciously programmed in from your environment before the age of 7 by watching your parents, religious leaders, peers and teachers coupled with 100,000+ hours of input from television and social media.  It’s time to take back control of your happiness and fulfillment...IT’S TIME TO FLOURISH.


Take the 14 question ASSESSMENT and obtain your FLOURISH SCORE.  This test will measure 3 aspects of happiness and fulfillment; emotional, psychological and social well-being.

We recommend that you take the classes, THE FOUR CORE SKILL SETS OF HAPPINESS; Resilience, Integrity, Reflection and Change.  It’s our opinion after years of teaching and research that these 4 skill sets are vital to and universally practiced by people who are happy.  We’ll stop short of saying that you can’t be happy without these skills, but we haven’t seen many happy/fulfilled people who don’t understand and practice these 4 skills.  Each is broken into a BASIC, INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED class taught by a renowned expert.  The Integrity Skill Set for example features a basic introduction that is 4 minutes in length.  If you choose, it progresses to the intermediate discussion, which is 10 minutes in length and then there is the advanced course, which is a 1 hour + seminar level course.


If you want to do a highly effective crash course with immediate results jump into the 21 DAYS TO A POSITIVE LIFE.  Your brain is always working at either POSITIVE, NEUTRAL, NEGATIVE OR STRESSED. People who make decisions while their brain is at positive are more highly productive and effective at relationships.  You can train your brain to work at positive.  The 21 DAYS TO A POSITIVE LIFE will give you 5 simple programs (21 days each) that take approximately 10 minutes each day and will result in your brain working at positive.


Finally, you can randomly work on HAPPINESS APPLIED.  This is a menu of specific topics and how to more fully obtain increased happiness, productivity and fulfillment in each life area.  Choose them as the need arises or systematically begin to incorporate them, thus opening the door for the Universe to send you new and unexpected experiences and people to fill your life with happiness and to FLOURISH.



A last recommendation.  Every now and then retake the ASSESSMENT to see how subtle changes you made daily/weekly can add up to new and exciting directions in your life.  And have fun with this section.  If you choose to use it differently than we’ve recommended, it’s okay.  As they say, “WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY.”     

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